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Ariana Morgado


Formed by the Brazilian Association of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, it works in the care of adolescents and adults. She is a tutor at several Psychoanalytic Training Schools.


About the Analysis:

Analysis takes place between discomfort and discovery. What is expected from the encounter between analyst and analysand is an absolutely unpredictable horizon. It takes courage to tread the tortuous labyrinths and confront what seems forgotten or, more often than not, unknown. The discomfort caused by trauma intensely influences the subject's personality and life. The latter, kidnapped by this situation, tends to suffer due to an imbalance in the psychic apparatus. The psychoanalyst's main role is to listen. From the speech, the interpretation of the speech must happen in a careful and meaningful way. Narrative is the raw material of analysis. For Lacan, analysis is what is expected of a psychoanalyst. He wasn't wrong.


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