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Deepening Course in the Theory of Psychoanalytic Practice:
Psychoanalysis & Obesity

Objectives: To examine, from the Freudian framework, how binge eating is articulated with the theory of child sexual development, and how psychoanalysis can contribute to a healthy and balanced life.

Target Audience:

  • Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Psychopedagogists, Pedagogues and the like.

Duration of the in-depth course:

  • 6 months

  • Credit Hours: 390h

Program content:

  • Clinical structures; Neurosis, psychosis and perversion

  • psychoanalytic psychopathology

  • The baby's relationship with the provider mother

  • Food as an affective substitute

  • Body and body image in the onset of obesity

  • Clinical case study

  • Contributions of psychoanalysis to the treatment of binge eating


  • Course taught on the Moodle teaching platform

  • weekly tutoring

  • Directed reading

  • Evaluation activities

  • Teaching material included

Investment: 6x R$ 89.00 (Eighty-nine reais)

The open distance course on Deepening the Theory of Psychoanalytic Practice of the Brazilian Association of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, are supported by the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (Law No. 9394/96), by Federal Decree No. 2.494/98 and Decree No. 2.208, of 04/17/97.


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Fernando Botero

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