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Distance and In-person

The psychoanalysis course aims to train psychoanalysts through the transmission of psychoanalysis in its specificity, based on the three fundamental elements of training: personal analysis, supervision and critical study of psychoanalytic theory. At the end of the course, the participant will have theoretical foundations to listen, identify, distinguish and intervene in the psychic symptoms observed in the psychoanalytic clinic.

Training in Psychoanalysis enables you to exercise the profession of psychoanalyst.

The Psychoanalyst graduated from the Brazilian Association of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis can work in clinics and offices in accordance with the laws in force in our country.

The course has a regular duration of two years and a workload of 1,260 hours, and is intended for graduates in Human and Social Sciences.

O Silêncio do PsicanalistaABRAFP
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Curso de Introdução à Psicanálise - ABRAFP

Objetivos: O Curso de Introdução à Psicanálise pretende apresentar os pressupostos básicos da teoria Psicanalítica, contar um pouco da história da psicanálise, contextualizar o momento histórico em que se originou a partir da experiência clínica de Sigmund Freud na década de 1880 e nos anos seguintes em que ele teorizou sobre a estrutura e o funcionamento do aparelho psíquico. Saiba mais.

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