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Distance Extension Course
History of Ancient Philosophy

Objectives: Understand, in its uniqueness, the origin, nature and development of Greek philosophical thought. Analyze the main concepts formulated by Plato and Aristotle.

Program content:
• Genesis, nature and development of ancient philosophy
• Concept and objective of ancient philosophy
• The "Naturalists" or "physis" philosophers
• Sophistication and the shift of the axis of philosophical research from the cosmos to man

• Socrates

• Plato

• Aristotle

• The passage from the classical era to the Hellenistic era

• The last movements of ancient philosophy

Who is it for: everyone interested in the topic
Duration: 4 months / Hours: 60h.
Investment: 6x R$ 65.00 (sixty-five reais)


With the distance education methodology, students study according to their availability of time from any place they choose. With this, geographic barriers that may exist are overcome, and transportation costs are significantly reduced. In addition to the training and improvement of professional practice that students obtain, the distance education methodology promotes the development of study autonomy.

ABRAFP has didactic material specially designed to allow the participant to carry out independent study, according to their time and space possibilities. The ABRAFP course taker has a tutoring service to help them in their studies.

The open distance courses of the Brazilian Association of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis - ABRAFP are supported by the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (Law No. 9394/96), by Federal Decree No. 2.494/98 and Decree No. 2.208, of 17 /04/97.
ABRAFP will take the following measures:
1 - Issue the competent Course Completion Certificate. (Diploma and History), in accordance with its Statute and Internal Academic Regulation;

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