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In the Psychoanalysis Course
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Enroll in the Psychoanalysis Course

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Reinvent yourself:
Discover the Benefits of the Psychoanalysis Training Course

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Advance Your Education, Start a New Craft


You will study the main theorists and understand the main psychoanalytic concepts

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Continuous formation.


The course lasts for two years, with a workload of 1440 hours. After the training you will remain with access to the course, for an interim period. So you can enjoy new content and continue your ongoing training.

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Virtual Library


I have more than 1,800 books on psychoanalysis, psychology and philosophy, so you can read on your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

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Analysis, Internship and Supervision


Analysis with the best psychoanalysts. Supervised internship for complete training and mastery of psychoanalytic technique.

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Faculty of Excellence


Psychologists and psychoanalysts make up the course's faculty.

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Qualification to Exercise the Craft of Psychoanalyst.


You will be able to work in offices and clinics, in compliance with current laws.

O curso de psicanálise online tem como objetivo a formação de psicanalistas por meio da transmissão da psicanálise em sua especificidade, com base nos três elementos fundamentais da formação: estudo crítico da teoria psicanalítica, análise pessoal e supervisão. Ao termino do curso o participante terá fundamentos teóricos para escutar, identificar, distinguir e intervir nos sintomas psíquicos observados na clínica psicanalítica.

A Formação em Psicanálise habilita ao exercício do ofício de psicanalista.

Course Duration: 2 years
Curriculum Grade


1. Introduction to Psychoanalysis

2. Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory I
3. Psychiatry, Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology
4. Psychosomatic Phenomena
5. Sexology Applied to Psychoanalysis

6. Scientific Methodology

7. Sigmund Freud II's Psychoanalytic Theory


8. Psychoanalytic Psychopathology

9. Hypnosis
10. Interpretation of dreams
11. Psychoanalysis in Culture
12. Psychoanalysis, Literature, Philosophy and Language

13. Scientific Methodology

14. Anthropology of Psychoanalytic Culture


15. Psychoanalytic Theory of Sigmund Freud III

16. Brief Psychotherapies of Psychoanalytic Orientation
17. Melanie Klein's Psychoanalytic Theory
18. Bion's Psychoanalytic Theory
19. Winnicott's Psychoanalytic Theory

20. Lacan's Psychoanalytic Theory I


21. Lacan II's Psychoanalytic Theory

22. Psychoanalytic Semiotics
23. Ethics and Politics in Psychoanalysis
24. Psychoanalysis and Autism
24. Law and Psychoanalysis

Course Legality and
Psychoanalyst's Craft
The activity of Psychoanalyst is not considered a profession as it is not regulated by law. It is an occupation established through Ordinance No. 397, of 10/09/2002, of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil, edited by Minister Paulo Jobim Filho, who approved the CBO – Brazilian Classification of Occupations, determining a specific code to identify and classify the various work activities in all areas, and among these, the activity of Psychoanalyst/analyst is classified under the code 2515-50.
Bills that sought to regulate psychoanalytic practice
2. PL 2510/1979 / AUTHOR: SIMÃO SESSIM
3. PL 3944/2000 / AUTHOR: EBER SILVA
4. PL 2347/2003 / AUTHOR: SIMÃO SESSIM
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